VIP Israel escorts

A little interview with a girl who works in exclusive escort in Israel

About two weeks ago I met an escort girl for the first time in my life. After staring at her for a while, I looked down and understood that not everything I thought about escort girl is true. I was asking her if she doesn’t mind to answer some questions I had, she agreed. It is important to tell that she didn’t get any payment for this interview, and just agreed to tell about her life a little bit.

Me: hey. First of all thank you for the cooperation, and maybe to shed some light on the whole business called VIP Israel escorts, what is it exactly, what are you conditions, and how all this half legal profession is working. We will start the interview now, and I will ask you a few questions. First of all – how did you become a VIP escort girl?

Her: many people think that in order to work with exclusive escorts in Israel, or even just escorts, you should come from a problematic home, or to be a drug addict. The truth is far from that, while trying to get my first degree I was low on cash and found it hard to provide my basic needs, and I was looking for a place to work in. my friend told me to try an exclusive escort service in Israel, and I laughed at him. After few shifts as a waitress, I decided to give it a chance. They told me about the conditions and I started the day after.

Me: what are the conditions working with Exclusive Israel escort?

Her: I don’t know how it works with the other offices, but where I work I know my shifts well ahead, nothing more than three or four meetings a week. As a worker in Israel VIP escorts, I enjoy the money and the freedom together. At the same time working with Israel exclusive escorts, I finished my degree and started my second one.

Me: what does escort girl do in these kinds of meetings?

Her: everything can happen. Sometimes businessmen and oligarchs are inviting escort services to their events, dinners, meetings etc. the most of my job is coming to escort people and being pretty. The truth is that sometimes they want me to act like I am their girlfriend, and its ok with me, even opening some doors for the future.

At that point she had to go, because she had a meeting and money talks. I thanked her for the lovely and informative session and let her go to her way. I couldn’t not think about exclusive escort in Israel, and how it is probably a totally different thing than what I thought, the girls was also. I decided not to determine an opinion about any subject and area, before I know it and check It myself. And since then I’m truly a happy person.